The Neo Difference

Neo Psoriasis Therapy is the newest development in the light-based treatment of psoriasis. The therapy uses 650 Microsecond Technology® to effectively break down the hyperactive microvasculature and cut some of the blood supply to the psoriatic lesions. Neo Psoriasis Therapy helps patients achieve clearance without topical or systemic therapies. Plus, unlike other systemic or light-based therapies, the Neo is completely non-invasive and does not cause any side effects. Neo Psoriasis Therapy may be administered whenever a flare-up occurs and is a perfect therapeutic option for any patient seeking to achieve psoriasis-free skin.

Rapid Clearance

Compared to other treatment methods, including other light-based therapies, Neo Psoriasis Therapy starts working immediately after the first treatment and clearance can be achieved in as little as just a few sessions over 2–3 weeks.

Sustained Clearance

Patients using Neo Psoriasis Therapy typically experience longer periods of clearance compared to other conventional therapies. In some reports, patients have seen periods of clearance as long as two years.

Simple Treatments, No Messy Gels or Injections

Treatment is performed in a quick, in-office treatment. Only laser light touches the skin for the most pleasant and non-invasive treatment available.

Safe for Darker Skin Types

Historically, lasers have not been safe for patients with darker skin. The Neo now offers patients of any skin type a highly safe and effective treatment with its 650 Microsecond Technology. The laser’s unique parameters allow gentle but effective treatments without the risk of pain, pigmentary changes, or scarring.

Safe and Gentle for All Ages

The Neo uses laser energy to suppress the inflammation supporting psoriatic plaque growth. It is a natural method of reducing the body’s inflammatory reaction to the disease and therefore does not have any side effects or unwanted results. The Neo’s 650 Microsecond Technology® offers unique properties that make treatment with the Neo very gentle. Due to these factors, Neo laser therapy is a safe treatment for all ages, even children.

Side Effect Free

No risk of UV exposure or burns. No risk of thinning skin or stretch marks. No liver damage. No risk of birth defects. No risk of cancers.

Fewer Office Visits

Compared to other light-based treatments, Neo Psoriasis Therapy is typically performed once per week until you achieve the clearance you desire. No more multiple office visits per week, which frees your schedule up while you get psoriasis free skin faster.

Covered by Insurance*

Neo Psoriasis Therapy is covered by most major insurance companies. Please speak with your provider for more details.