How does Neo Psoriasis Therapy work?
  • The entire affected area or areas will be treated with the laser energy. The laser suppresses inflammation and shuts down the vascular network feeding the psoriatic plaque growth.
  • Once treatment is complete, the skin will start to return to its natural state. A series of treatments is typically required to achieve the desired results.
Mark Nestor, MD, PhD
Neo Psoriasis Therapy gives us quicker clearance compared to other light-based devices and without any adverse effects. We can achieve clearance, even on hard to treat areas such as the hands and feet, in as few as only two treatments.
Skin and Cancer Associates, Aventura, Florida
Clinical Videos

Watch our educational video playlist of Aerolase practitioners speaking about how our 650 Microsecond Technology® can safely and effectively be used for the treatment of psoriasis.

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Clinical Data

A new, independent, split-body study reveals the Aerolase Neo Elite with 650 Microsecond Technology® delivers equivalent results in clearing psoriasis as compared to excimer laser.

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